Mirrors of consciousness

Can you see yourself in other people? 

Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power Vs. Force, talks a lot about consciousness and his life work and research. He has built a map of consciousness and a methodology on how to navigate this field.

He discovered this “map” and these levels based on a simple tool. The human body. The muscle system is inexact. For example, by experimenting truth or false statements on the bodies of a lot of individuals, the body reacts in a certain way to Truth, or False. His ideas are connected somehow to Carl Jung who researched the “Collective unconscious”, as well as Nietzche who said, “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy”.

What you see in other people, is not really them, its a mirror of you. The “good” and the “bad”. It might be probable that what you see is in them. But it’s mainly you, you are seeing yourself in others. The more you know, and grow, the more details and properties you can “see” and criticize. The more you discover also yourself. Think about this with regard to children and their consciousness.

Below courage level, is a destructive mode for being and operating.

Hawkins did a mass measure on the population, and reach to a quantum measure – 204. which is above courage a bit. ( Courage is measured 200). The majority of the population about 85% is below the courage level. Not a lot of people reached peace and enlightenment.

The method for climbing is by letting go, which I covered in a previous post. You can position yourself in a higher position when facing life difficulties. Consciousness in the end is only a small part of you but is a powerful tool if used intelligently.

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