Well of delight Vs. The Rabble

Is the rabble also necessary for life? 
Are poisoned fountains necessary, and stinking fires, and filthy dreams, and maggots in the bread of life?

Questions posed by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche(1850-1900). 

As Life enthusiasts and lovers, you may seek the well of delight/happiness. Can you reach that reality? To drink from pure and joyful wells? Do they exist? 

What bastards and the rabble have to do with it? 

Nietzche highly encouraged to energize life. Live to the maximum. Even to overcome life itself. With a BUT:

Life is a well of delight; but where the rabble also drink, there all fountains are poisoned. To everything cleanly am I well disposed; but I hate to see the grinning mouths and the thirst of the unclean.

You can sense and feel the negative and uprising emotions of Nietzche on the “Rabble, crowd and the herd” 

Not my hatred, but my loathing, gnawed hungrily at my life! Ah, ofttimes became I weary of spirit, when I found even the rabble spiritual!

These feelings are not out of hatred but intense dislike and disgust. Nietzsche got frustrated and tired by meeting the spiritual mob. mob even in the spiritual dimension. 

He asked with torment is their existence a necessity?
What characteristics the rabble have?

The holy water have they poisoned with their lustfulness; and when they called their filthy dreams delight, then poisoned they also the words.

With the mob’s lust comes their poison – With mixing their dreams as delight they poison the words

And many a one who hath turned away from life, hath only turned away from the rabble: he hated to share with them fountain, flame, and fruit.

Many find the solution, to leave and turn away from the well of delight and life, just because they don’t want to sit and drink with the rabble

And many a one who hath come along as a destroyer, and as a hailstorm to all cornfields, wanted merely to put his foot into the jaws of the rabble, and thus stop their throat.

Others became destroyers only to punish and step on the throat of the rabble. Many abandon everything, merely to strike the rabble, they want nothing else in life.

Lastly, Nietzche joyfully announce: 

What hath happened unto me? How have I freed myself from loathing? Who hath rejuvenated mine eye? How have I flown to the height where no rabble any longer sit at the wells?

Did my loathing itself create for me wings and fountain-divining powers? Verily, to the loftiest height had I to fly, to find again the well of delight!

Oh, I have found it, my brethren! Here on the loftiest height bubbleth up for me the well of delight! And there is a life at whose waters none of the rabble drink with me!

With a YET

And yet must I learn to approach thee more modestly: far too violently doth my heart still flow towards thee

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