Socrates Idea of good

Many are seen but not known,
Ideas are known but not seen,
Which idea did Socrates think to be of high importance?

The idea of good:

      • Highest knowledge
      • Higher in honor from truth and science
      • Similar to the function of light as the bond between eyes and sight
      • The link that imparts and communicates:
        • Between Truth and the known
        • Between The power of knowledge and the knower
      • The cause of science
      • Author of knowledge to all things known ( being and essence)
      • Author of beauty, righteousness
      • Source of reason and truth in intellectuals
      • Not essence, but exceeds essence in dignity and power
      • Power upon rationals
      • Have saving and improving elements
      • Appear last and seen only with effort

Socrates describes the life of humans to be like prisoners living in an underground den, each person is chained from the legs and neck and can only see his own and others shadows. All the visible world around him are reflections of the “true/essence” being. Prisoners can’t move their heads around as they are chained and all around them are fires and flames from behind and above.

If prisoners are released:

    • Suffer from sharp pain
    • Distress from the glare of light
    • Their former state saw only illusions

But, there is a raised way surrounded by a low wall, which wise people and philosophers can walk that way and raise above that underground den – to reach the true being and essence. The journey upwards is the ascent of the soul.
The approach nearer to being – clears the vision of the eye to a more “real” existence.

You should continue to ascend until you arrive at Good,
Then you will see and you will have to learn to endure the sight of being and good which is the brightest – The light will cause pain and dazzle,
You will be required to grow accustomed to the sight of the upper world, 

Then descend back again among the prisoners in the den, and partake in labor and honor (For life experience/.. ), As well as develop the habit of seeing in the dark – which will empower you to see 10,000X better.


From The Republic

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