Image of the Soul

How did Socrates describe the image of the soul?

Socrates was asked in the famous dialogue the republic, to describe how he viewed the human creature.

It is interesting that Socrates’ description is divided into 3 parts, as well as other philosophies, thoughts, and ideologies.
Such as Freud’s division of {Id, Ego, Super-ego}.
Also, Nietzsche’s description of the transformation of the soul from camel to a lion to finally a child. 
Though It’s not entirely right to mention Netizche in a post about Socrates, for his extreme critique, best expressed in this quote:

Perhaps – thus he (Socrates) might have asked himself – what is not intelligible to me is not necessarily unintelligent? Perhaps there is a realm of wisdom from which the logician is exiled? Perhaps art is even a necessary correlative of, and supplement for science?” – Nietzsche

Socrates also emphasized the difficulty to maintain and keep that spirit and soul alive in humans, as a society and reality almost suffocates it from early life. According to Socrates, one needs high walls and even metaphysical help for the soul to survive.

Form 1: Primitive instinctual drives – Plato described it as a composite creation of ancient mythology. This is the largest part 

Form 2:  Lion – which one should come to an alliance with

Form 3: “Man” – or the logical and rational – The smallest part

Socrates advises that Justice (as described in a previous post) leads to a better quality of life than injustice, and the just is he who is able to:

  • Give “man/ logical/ rational” complete mastery
  • Strictly watch over the animalistic/primitive side
  • Foster and cultivate the gentle qualities 
  • Unite the parts into one
  • Ally with his lion


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