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What is “informal” thinking?

Informal thinking is actually natural. It maximizes productive planning relative to energy. 
Say you are sitting with your friend in a cafe having a coffee, and as you are leaving, you get this amazing idea – seemingly out of nowhere without intentionally “Thinking” – and you quickly write it down on a napkin.


People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people – Carl Jung


The Natural planning model:

  1. Define purpose and principles (The intention) – Create a plan boundaries
    1. Principles: Standards/Values, Policies. ” I would give others totally free rein to do this as long as ____?____
      e.g.: Affordability, convenience, Standards of food/service
    2. Purpose(The why): Motivation engine, creates decision criteria, aligns resources, clarifies focus, defines success – The Juice!
  2. Vision Outcomes (The what): Actual blueprint of the final result
  3. Brainstorm questions
  4. Organize – Priorities & Sorting
  5. Build Next-Action list



Inspired from Getting Things Done

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