Body Pain

What is body pain?

Consider reading Enlightenment Now before you continue

We all know the inevitable pain that visits us from time to time.
But, also the pain can be created:

  • Some form of non-acceptance
  • Unconscious resistance to what is: A judgment(thought) or negativity(Emotion)
  • The Labeling process by the mind

The mind struggles to get rid of the pain but cannot because it is an intrinsic part of the “problem”.

Body Pain:

  • Accumulated negative energy field that occupies the body and mind
  • Negative and self-destructive
  • Might attack their host or others
  • Invisible entity 
  • Afraid of consciousness light
  • Part of “Past-Pain” by the unconsciousness of the world born with – Simply inherited some of it
  • Modes of being: Mostly dormant, and sometimes active
  • Seeks Survival: Feeds on any similar experience 
  • Might “Take-Over”: If you get unconsciously identified with it – you will want more pain, for yourself and others

The moment you observe and feel its energy within you, the identification is broken and a higher level of consciousness takes place – Presence. In other words, Sustained conscious attention severs the link of pain-body and the thought processes.

Detailed process:

  1. Focus attention on feelings inside
  2. Know it is body-pain
  3. Accept it 
  4. Stay present
  5. If Resistance arises – just observe it

Inspired by The Power of Now

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