Horse Mind

How do horses “think”? 
Why think like a horse?

When most people usually think about horses, they easily imagine noble and beautiful creatures. To attempt to understand the world from a horses’ viewpoint can be an interesting thing. 
The most practical and straightforward use of it, to become a better horse rider and trainer. Also to minimize stress – the relationship with the horse is low stress, comfortable, and harmonious – on the same wavelength, as well as enhancing your communication skills – you can communicate better in “horses terms”.


  • Lifetime: 25-30 years
  • Herd Animal
  • Prey Animal: Alert, suspicious
  • Social: find safety in numbers
  • Cooperative
  • Creatures of habit

It can be dangerous to think of a horse in human terms.

Horse Needs:

  • Self-Preservation
  • Eat & Drink: Horses eat 12-16 hr/day!
  • Procreation
  • Socialization and routines: Development of an individual and his behavior through the interaction with others of the same specie

Horses observe, react then “think” later – horses process information from their sense up until their stress-tolerance level: A Point at which the horse can no longer absorb stimuli(Noise, exercise, stress,..)  – They fail to process.

To become “Part-Horse” (Connection with your horse):

  • Deep respect and admiration – Lay the foundations
  • Develop feel: through respect openness and practice.
    • Feel is a combination of intuition, sensitivity, and perception
    • Feel gives knowledge when and what to do
  • Understand Horse senses: Horses have certain physical features that cause them to think and act
    • Horses have ingrained behavior patterns – what and when to do
  • Develop timing, balance, and savvy


Continuous series of actions and reactions are required for the horse-human dance

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