Seducer mind

What people lack in life is not more reality, but illusion, fantasy, and play – they yearn to be seduced and to be overwhelmed.

Most virtue is a demand for greater seduction – Natalie Barnie 

Seduction is a process of penetration, initially the mind – the first point of defense – done by making others fantasize about you. One of the obstacles is the prejudice of seeing love and romance as sacred magical realms where things just fall into place – This is actually a cover of laziness – Leaving things to chance as a recipe for disaster. Seduction lies in the annulment of signs and their meaning, in pure appearance, The enchantment lies in what is hidden.

Successful seductions rarely begin with an obvious maneuver or strategic device, that is certain to arouse suspicion, rather,
It all begins with your character.

Love brings to light a lover’s noble and hidden qualities – his rare and exceptional traits: it is thus liable to be deceptive as to his normal character – Nietzche 

The Seducer:

  • Strategist- Always one step ahead of the other
    • Throw dust in their eyes, cast spells, keep them off-balance
    • At all costs resist the temptation to hurry to the climax
  • Provider of pleasure
    • Know that people are hungry for pleasure
    • Pleasure is a feeling of being taken past our limits – of being overwhelmed, the experience of it will open people, weak to the touch.
    • Feel the pleasure yourself and will make it easier to infect people around you.
  • Actor – See all life as a theatre, every one an actor 
    • Take pleasure in performing and are not weighted down by their identity 
  • Fluid in body and spirit 
    • Slightly heightened: Clothes, places, words, actions
  • Never Self-absorbed – Find therapy for self-doubt by being absorbed in the world
  • Warrior Outlook – Seeing Love as a Warfare
    • Casting magical spells, once you understand other’s psychology
  • Outward gaze: They see each person as a walled castle to which they are laying a siege 
    • See the world through other’s eyes 
    • First getting inside their skin
      • Gather valuable information:
        • Provide focused and individualized attention
        • Learning what makes the person ticks 
        • What makes them lose their ability to think and fall into a trap
  • Do not improvise 
    • Seducers do not depend on engaging personality or occasionally noble action
    • It is seductive to show how much we care, the effort we expend, and how much they are worth.


A man who cannot seduce others cannot save them either. — Soren Kierkegaard


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