Masculine Attraction

What is “Attraction”?


Attraction is a process that is challenging and unsettling – not comfortable. Unlike love an emotional state that is accompanied by feelings of comfort, safety, and warmth. Attraction is a  combination of confidence, skill, experience, status, and appearance. Self-Doubt is the main danger, as thoughts are energy and hold real-world consequences.

It is not that you should learn some kind of cold and logical formula from someone or a book and then apply it to the realm of love and seduction – Humans have strong instincts to pick it up and grow suspicious – that is not seductive.

The idea is that you have a natural seductive quality, that you should be aware of first and then strive to maximize its power. Make it clear and conscious – bring your authentic personality to the role. The key is to completely disguise the fact that you are seducing – to appear as natural as possible it seems so natural, so easy. To act from a place of intuition, instinct, and heart.

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men, in cause and effect – Emerson 


Masculine attractive Traits:

  • Cognitive aspect
    • Behavior, Personality, and attitude 
  • High Status – The prestige element, not the money
  • Confidence & Strength – Body and mind
    • Rugged visage characterized 
    • Presence of testosterone
      • Facial hair, broad chin, and thicker brow
  • Hair – Healthy natural and short
  • Body and appearance – Reflect a strong mind
    •  Symmetrical
    • well-balanced 
    • Gym – Compound movements
    • Muscular and pleasing to the eye 
  • Voice
    • Slow deep breathing 
    • Full natural tone
  • Smell –
    • Get good sleep and lots of rest. 
    • Healthy Diet(protein) and healthy fats(Olive oil, red meat, almonds, eggs)

Clothes makes the man – Mark Twain

  • Clothes – Fitted shirts & suits
    • The priority is to fit – Great color coordination 
    • Develop your own unique style
    • Research says  that the colors Red and Black are the most attractive 


To create a “high-sexual market” value, you have to create the perception that you have what it takes to be successful in the future,  a sense of purpose, ambition, persistence, energy, drive, and creativity – continually strive to improve yourself mentally and physically – Men with “unrealized” potential. 


Everything is judged by its appearance – what’s unseen counts for nothing. Robert Greene

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