Financial Learning

How to begin making Financial progress? 

First of all, to make progress you must go unbalanced by Focusing. Finding a purpose greater than reality (too long road, too much work,…) by asking yourself what you want and don’t want. Beginning with your daily choices, investing in education, crafting spending habits, and what to do with your money and time.
You want to know a little about a lot of different subjects – working to learn and not for money – as Education beats money in the long run. 

All money is a matter of belief. Adam Smith


  • Leadership
  • Skills – Search and learn specialized  
    • Marketing 
      • Network-Marketing
    • Sales – The ability to sell
      • Base Skill 
    • Communication – To communicate with another human being is crucial
      • Writing 
      • Speaking 
      • Negotiating 
  • Public Relations
  • Real-Estate 
    • Powerful and unique  investment tool 
    • Purpose: Financial freedom and independence 
    • Property Managers  – Key to success 
      • Allows to buy more real-estate
      • Often hear of great deals before everyone
  • Investing
    • Stop-Commands – Sells Automatically if the price begins to drop
      • Maximize gains 
      • Minimize Losses 
  • Management skills:
    1. Cashflow
    2. Systems 
    3. People – The hardest part in companies is managing people.
  • Giving

Whoever believes that giving is an easy matter errs. Provided that gifts are made discerningly and not scattered haphazardly and impetuously, it is a matter of great difficulty – Seneca

The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it. – What does not destroy makes me stronger.— Nietzsche 


  • Noise – “The sky is falling”
    • From inside and outside of your head
  • Pain – Losing money
  • Fear – you need to handle
  • Laziness – By staying busy
    • Cure yourself with a little greed
  • Comfort – Safe and sensible portfolio isn’t winning 
  • Bad Habits
    • Cure by paying yourself first
  • Arrogance – What you know makes you money, what you don’t know loses you

Mastering the art of timing – The seemingly worst of times is actually the best time to make money.


Watch your finances like a hawk – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

Inspired by RichDadPoorDad

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