Overcoming sociopaths

Did you know that 4% of the population is sociopathic?
1 in 25 people you meet is a sociopath. There is a high chance that you will cross a sociopath along your path.
Reading the book Sociopath next door enlightened my eyes to the dark reality of sociopathic nature living among us.
What is a sociopath?
He is an individual without a conscience. He is able to do anything at all without any form of guilt or shame. He is not bound to anything out of emotional attachment to others. He is concerned mainly with “Winning”.
Sociopaths have a different nature, their consciousness is fundamentally different than the 96% majority.
Sociopaths are not all violent or possess a blood lust. They can be everywhere with high ranks in our society. It can be very dangerous to be targeted by them and dealing with them. Actually, their scary aura is a critical element to their infamous charm.

How can we distinguish them?
It might be a surprising feature. but they are susceptible to pity. They enjoy if you feel sorry for them.. and guess why?
So they can use it against you!

Sociopaths are ice-blooded. Cruel predators. Dangerous.
On top of that very charming and very hard to recover from.

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