Relinquishing self-pity

Most of us possess a self-image about ourselves. To be cherished. To be protected.
Sometimes at all costs. This is done mostly subconsciously by the mind.
The mind uses storytelling as one of its tools. Very often it can result in a delusional stories and convictions that brings little pleasure and a fragile being.
Pain is inevitable. The mind might dwell in a self-pity storytelling mode as a way to protect itself and brings little comfort and pleasure. Thus avoiding to embrace fully the pain.

Instead of experiencing pain. Diving into it. Letting it go as the normal course of all feelings and sensations. Allowing positive feelings to rise by themselves afterward.
The mind gets stuck.
David Hawkins in his book Letting go sheds light on this process.
Every emotion causes thoughts and stories to arise. Unless you let go of pain, these thoughts and stories will not cease to pop up. With self-pity mode, this circle might cripple and imprison for very little pleasurable dividends. That victim mode, the poor, the peaceful, the one who others/life/universe have done bad to. That needs a pat on the shoulder. It does really feel a little good. At a terrible inner jail with a small self-image to obey that leads to a small fate.

Letting go to self-pity may cause us to deal finally with the pain. That we may free ourselves to experience the upside emotions and continue to grow.

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