Introduction to self-esteem

What is Self-Esteem? How do you have it? What do you do with it?

Self Esteem is an achievement. You experience it. It is similar to a reputation you have with yourself.
A generator of self-fulfilling prophecy. An immune system of consciousness. Self-Esteem is a need, required for effective functioning, Thus having a survival value. It is a necessity but is not sufficient.
Self-Esteem is characterized by self-efficacy and self-respect. 

Self-efficacy is the belief of oneself about his abilities to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. you might not have the necessary level of skills or abilities to achieve your goals, it is about your judgment that you can “handle” the task. For example, you got promoted to a new position with new set of challenges and obstacles different from your former position. It is the belief that you can succeed in new endeavors.  Success is natural.

Self-respect is the conviction that my life and well-being worth supporting, improving, protection, and nurturing. Happiness and fulfillment are important to work for.
The belief that you deserve happiness, love, friendships naturally as a result of who you are and what you do.

There are specific practices you can exercise to increase self-esteem and are reciprocal (High self-esteem people have them, and doing them increases self-esteem in return) I will cover in the next post inspired from the book Six Pillars Of Self Esteem.

Self-Esteem in action:
*) Rationality: Fact oriented. Induce and deduct non-contradictory facts and statements.
*) Realism: Focus on what is and what is not. Assess ability realistically.
*) Creativity: Trust inner ideas and thoughts.
*) Willingness to admit errors and correct them: Mistakes are not humiliation. To correct an error > pretend to have not made it.
*) Cooperation and benevolence
*) Independence
*) Flexibility to change
*) Intuitiveness

Lastly, It is not possible to have too much health or self-esteem. With unconflicted self-esteem, Joy is your motor, not fear. The purpose is self-expression, not self-justification.
If your aim is to prove that you are “enough”, The project will never end, because the battle was already lost on the day you conceded that the issue was debatable.

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