Masculine Confidence

What is Masculine Confidence?


Masculine Confidence:

  • The ability to appear certain by tolerating uncertainty 
    • For hundreds of thousands of years, it was required for survival
  • Earned: Increasing your confidence is necessarily uncomfortable and difficult. 
    • You must challenge and push yourself through adversity 
    • Expand by exposing yourself to uncomfortable situations – as long and as often as possible 
    • Take it to step by step, set goals, and split them into manageable stages
  • Direct
    • Relentlessly go after what you want – As if, you are the best version of yourself 
  • Deep Self-Respect for your soul
  • Leadership
    • Be the driving force
    • Initiating and setting the direction and pace  
    • Extreme ownership – Lead until the end
  • Decisive
    • Separate the decision from the act itself
    • You can decide to do all the things you want to do anyway- Orthogonally to your emotions
  • Calm and relaxed demeanor
    • Comfortable in your skin – at all times
    • Collected and Ordered
  • Optimistic
    • Posses positive expectations
      • Expectations are your mental predisposition to how you will handle uncertainty 
      • Self-fulfilling
  • Responsible – The ability to make things happen
    • To lead, decide, advance, and persist 
  • Courageous, Risk-taker, and Bold
    • Do not be timid or tentative. A man who is self-assured and assertive will touch in a casual manner without hesitancy or uncertainty 

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult – Seneca

  • Maximum Self-Esteem
    • Unaffected by others
      • If it is affected by the opinion of others, even the slightest, it is because you have unconsciously accepted the idea that your self-worth is open for reevaluation depending on how useful you are to society – By Socialization
    • Your own opinion/reputation about yourself
  • Strength 
    • You are stronger than you believe you are. You can handle anything life throws at you.
    • Carry your own weight and have a spine
  • Dominant 
    • Self-Trust and self-assurance – Value yourself 
    • Selfish most of the time – Understand that you are the most important person in your life
    • Relational to other people
  • Independent 
  • Shameless – Realize that everyone is busy worrying about themselves
  • Unyielding
    • Personal Integrity 
    • Unapologetic in general
  • Expansive Body Language (Universal means of communication that is automatically understood in all cultures and has been developed over millions of years – encompasses all of the nonverbal cues that we present to each other)
    • Spread out and claim space
    • Deep Voice: Tone, tempo, and volume
  • Spontaneous
    • Acting on impulses without paying attention to inhibitions 
    • No second thoughts

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