Less but better

Have you ever felt busy but not productive?
Engaged in a zillion project and feeling unsatisfied?
Did you also know that Priority is a singular word since 1400?

Think of adding a sense of Essentialism to your life. The way out is the way of the essentialist.
The idea is simple, concentrate your energies to the vital few areas that bring the most contribution to you.

Essentialism is a way of thinking. A self-Discipline. Constantly pause to ask if you are investing your time and energies in the best possible ways for maximum contribution.
1) Explore and Evaluate: Is this activity or effort will make the highest possible contribution? Do you love it? Do you look great in it?
2) Eliminate: It demands an emotional discipline. You have a bias for the already owned.
3) Mindsets: You have a choice. Almost everything is noise. You can’t have it all.
Which problem do you want to solve?
Only a few things really matter. Heighten your awareness to choose. 
If you surrender your choice, someone else will choose for you. You can do anything, but not everything.
To discern what is essential you need:
*) Space to think
*) Time to look and listen
*) Apply highly selective criteria to the choices you make
Clarity about what is essential fuel you with the strength to say NO to the nonessential.
The way of the essentialist is a life by design. You can create routines that enshrine what is essential. Make essentials the default.
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