Killing pressure

Can you actually thrive under pressure?

Nope. The pressure is a nemesis. Diminishes your judgment and undermines your performance. Is an enemy to success. A villain in life. Pressure handicap what we value most, especially relationships.

Performing Under Pressure dives deep into the nature of pressure, and presents short and long term solutions. 

The pressure is not stress. Pressure moments are stressful moments in which results or consequences matter. Something critical on the line. In a stressful situation, there are multiple ways to respond. wherein the pressure situation there is only one.

Managing pressure lets your experience and skills do the talking. You actually have the natural tools to cope with it. Let’s leverage them.

Natural tools include senses, thoughts, physiological responses, body movements, and voice.

Some short term solutions: 

  • Befriend the moment – Think as a challenger or opportunity/fun.
  • Multiple opportunities thought
  • Shrink importance of the moment – the more important, the more pressure 
  • Focus on your mission
  • Anticipate – Extremely
  • Affirm self-worth 
  • Remember past successes
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Meditate
Did you also know that people who manage pressure, perform better in non-pressure situations?
Long term solutions:
  • Confidence – The magic pill. Deep down you know you can do it. No life without risk. Where the center is strong everything else is secondary.
  • Optimistic realism – Not the “be positive and all will be alright”. A helpful bias. Overestimating the probability of success is advantageous in an uncertain, competitive world. How you explain things, think about the past and the future. Your perception of stability. The thought “There is light at the end of the tunnel”.
  • Tenacity – Persistence, and determination are omnipotent. Its DNA: Goal, Focus, Hope, Coping, and pathway thinking.
  • Enthusiasm – Affective state

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