Cooling the flames

 What is anger?

A destructive emotion spurs from your primitive limbic brain (Amygdala) which clouds your rational thinking. Addictive, it brings physical and emotional high (Adrenaline). Immediate but irrational reaction based on what you think. An indication that something is wrong. Anger begins and ends with yourself. 

Buddha wanted to end suffering and said that anger is one of its causes. As if suffering is “Bad”. To learn from him how to reduce suffering is a useful tool and it is well explained in the book The cow in the parking lot

The meaning of the word “Buddha” is awakened, and this is the method in short. Full presence and observation at the moment. Experience directly without allowing the intervention of previous beliefs and interpretations. What you observe is what you know, the rest is interpretation. Assumptions and beliefs affect how you view reality.

Anger arises from unmet demand. Some types of demands:

  • Important and reasonable
  • Unimportant and reasonable
  • Irrational
  • Impossible

Pause to examine your unmet demand. Is it worth it?

Anger builds boundaries with other people. Everyone gets angry, even the Dalai Lama as he personally stated. When others cross a boundary or push a button it can serve as a signal for you.

Unrecommended solutions:

  • Suppression requires psychological energy. Like an angry beast hitting himself with a hammer. It causes fatigue. Others can play with his buttons. Soon enough the angry beast can be annihilated. With laughter.
  • Aversion. When become fixed it becomes hatred. Hate is ossified anger.

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