Directed evolution

What do I mean by directed evolution?

Evolution is a process that exists in nature. Evolution is a title humans gave to a natural phenomenon, It is not accurate and I question if it’s about survival, maybe survival is the lowest degree of motivation. There are multiple branches, such as psychological evolution.

You can notice that not all paths of evolution lead to a “better” outcome. For example, lock someone in a room for 30 years, he is not probably going to return better.

Many anthropologists claim, that the agricultural revolution was a crisis to humans’ life quality that civilization hasn’t still recovered from and might never will.

The word “better” evolution is subjective to each individual, yet, I think it is worth discussing it. Although a lot of individuals, don’t want to be individuals, they are satisfied with being part of a group, family, cult, organization, etc. They think with the group.

For those who seek to be individuals, There can be infinite ways to evolve. But is there one way to evolve “better”? What is “better”? 

Let’s try to speculate the properties for that way:

    • It is unique – For each individual is unique
    • It leads to self-discovery – For an individual should approximately know himself
    • It leads to self-fulfillment – For individual wishes to express and become himself
Evolution is always happening, denying or ignoring the process might lead the individual to undesired outcomes, especially if this is done unconsciously. You might ask if an individual wants to consciously direct his evolution, won’t he in many cases fool himself? like children without prior knowledge and life experience?
True, children and individuals are constantly fooling themselves. However, living unconsciously results in flawed self-esteem, and an individual won’t learn how to trust himself. Life and events will easily throw him around.
So next time, while doing a stupid activity that you know that is stupid, consider if you want to evolve in that path.
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