Master programmers

Who are the master programmers? 

What is the ESS (Evolutionary stable strategies)? 
Richard Dawkins the evolutionary biologist and the professor for public understanding at the University of Oxford, explains in Selfish Gene that Genes are the master programmers, they program their lives.
In this book, Dawkins offers a new way of seeing facts and old theories – from the point of view of genes.
At all times, there is a struggle and competition for existence in the universe. Struggle that conducts without feelings. No one knows or worries about it. The discussion here is not about intentional psychology, it is a layer below. In the unconscious.
What are Genes?
The basic physical and functional unit of heredity – Made up of DNA. Genes made us. All living organisms are the most complicated and perfectly designed survival machinery – vehicles blindly programmed to preserve genes. Genes work by controlling protein synthesis.
Animal behavior is under the control of genes only in indirect and powerful ways – with a time lag.
Genes predict the future – have a capacity for learning by:
    •  Trial & error – Takes time & energy
    •  Simulation – Do whatever you think best to keep us alive
Genes are replicators with high copying fidelity (longevity). 
Genes are selected for their ability to make the best use of the levers of power at their disposal: They will exploit their practical opportunities. 
This is done unconsciously – dictated by biological nature and favored by natural selection.
Genes are forever.
All animal communication contains an element of deception from the start because all animal interactions involve some level of conflict.
Predominant quality in a successful gene is ruthless selfshiness – will give rise to individual behavior. Foster a limited form of altruism to achieve selfish goals.
Any altruistic system is inherently unstable because it is open to abuse by selfish individuals ready to exploit. 
Evolutionary stable strategy(ESS): 
  • A behavioral strategy – blind unconscious behavior program
  • Must not be invaded- If  adopted by all individuals in a population, it cannot be replaced or invaded through natural selection
  • Do well when it is numerous in a population of stratgies 
  • Applicable when a conflict of interest 
  • Conditions: 
    • (1) Long shadow of future – Repeated and iterated rounds
    • (2) Non-zero sum games

In other words, it is a winning and stable strategy. A deviation from ESS will cause extinction, and it cannot be invaded. Assessment of the end game is an important part of the strategy.

Genes are the primary policy-makers, brains are the executives. Maybe someday we will rebel against our selfish gene replicators with conscious foresight and imagination.  

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