Organization puzzle

What is the culture pyramid?
How can you see an organization?


Organizational culture is a set of consistent patterns, people follow for communicating, thinking and acting – It is grounded on shared values and assumptions. 

  • How do people get support for initiatives and win recognition?
  • How does “the world” works?

It can be described as a pyramid:

Different parts of the organization have different parts of the puzzle. 

Business orientation:

  • The company as a whole not just your specific role
  • Products/brands
  • Operating model
  • Evaluating systems
  • Planning and performance

Coherent Logic:

  • Mission, visions, and strategy
  • Components: Functional plans, Markets, Products, Technology, and Goals
  • Do the various dimensions support each other? 








In order to conduct a strategic analysis, you may use the following framework:


  1. Assess External Environment 
    • Opportunity
    • Threat
  2. Evaluate Organization capabilities:
    • Strengths 
    • Weaknesses
  3. Translate Assessment into a set of strategic priorities, blunting critical threats and pursuing a high-potential opportunity

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