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This is my first post about actual personal experiences. I came to realize with time and reading that personal experiences are very valuable, and teach us a lot about ourselves and the world. Scientifically speaking, Experiences are the language of the Amygdala(in the brain) that is critical for your emotional development.

I solo traveled for 4 days to Bucharest in Late June 22 to explore it and celebrate my 29th birthday.
I would have to say that deception among the people in Bucharest was above average. Deception seemed like a natural phenomenon everywhere I went – starting from the first taxi driver outside the airport. The locals who I have managed to briefly connect with agreed as well.

I quickly reach the hotel in my downtown and go straight to the old town square to check things out. A deep question just haunted me there “What I don’t value?”. A flashback from my previous trip to India hit me – where I was in a situation with a large group of people, who decided to separate into 2 smaller groups, and I was confused about deciding which way to go? I took a random choice back then, but the unpleasant and interesting situation stayed with me. I figured that I simply didn’t define my values clearly enough, to be able to decide swiftly.
Now, I figure that I should define what I don’t value.

The next day I woke up in my hotel, meditated, and went to a coffee shop nearby close to the wonderful Cismigiu gardens. So what shall I do with the day I said to myself?  

I decided to go and check the “Romanian National Museum of Art”. 

On the way there, I approached people in the park who were happy to guide me there, and have conversations. Quickly after that, I got addicted to the idea of just talking and connecting with people in the parks and nature.  

Most of whom I talked to in the parks shared very similar thoughts, that Bucharest is a very fast and capitalist city, that is just concerned with business, material, and superficial progress – they themselves were sitting in the park as a short escape and recovery for their mental health. 

Talking and connecting with strangers is an interesting thing, you just discover how infinite we are – each one is so unique and weird with a rich inner life. Encounter many contrary sides of humans in different situations. With some people, storms of emotions hit you, with a mix of negative and positive feelings and you just think what activity in the city or place to go visit can simulate what am I feeling now? the answer is obviously none.  So I took a break from looking outward in the external Bucharest for things, rather than looking inwardly and asking myself what I want, and specifically if what I want to have or achieve requires perseverance, time, patience, hard work, and sometimes pain to achieve it. But at least I will be more fulfilled, authentic and happy. Maybe a better formula for enjoyment and happiness is to go inwardly first and then try to connect it with what the external world has to offer. 

Experiencing beautiful and meaningful things required patience and time. Especially building a connection with people – to be in rush or in a hurry doesn’t work and is anti-seductive.  Connecting and breaking connections with people in the parks kept me overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, pain with pleasure, and nervousness with comfort. 


How little you know of human happiness, you comfortable and benevolent people, for happiness and unhappiness are sisters and even twins that either grow up together or, as in your case, remain small together. – Nietzsche


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