Nazareth Inferno

How to survive Nazareth Ghetto? Which skill set is needed?


After a certain age, I realized how brutal and savage the streets of Nazareth are, and I have almost lived there as a Batman. Appear and study mostly on silent nights. Moving quickly in the streets, from predetermined point A to B without considering point C along the way, resisting the urge to pet any dog along the way. If I needed to appear in the daylight, I would pick Sundays, as the city is closed and the streets are empty. Roaming around areas of graveyards is the most peaceful and respected. 
Applying psychological mazes to beasts in the streets when needed. Self-motivating in the dark and trying new things.

It is very complex to regulate your emotions and stay on your path while living there. I think the main issues are violence, racism, and poverty.  I could smell and hear violence everywhere. Racism is constantly boiling, mainly on religious backgrounds. Gunshot music is in play often. 

There is some wonder and amazement in our darkest periods, to be able to see the beauty and sweetness of life. You just know that there is something more, you can sense that what you are experiencing now, is not everything, that there is a light somewhere, at perhaps some other time.

The world resembleth man, in that it hath a backside (Ass),—SO MUCH is true! There is in the world much filth: SO MUCH is true! But the world itself is not therefore a filthy monster! There is wisdom in the fact that much in the world smelleth badly: loathing itself createth wings, and fountain-divining powers! In the best, there is still something to loathe, and the best is still something that must be surpassed!—O my brethren, there is much wisdom in the fact that much filth is in the world!— Nietzsche


Amorality is the ethical “standard”. So I figured that I am simply living within a jungle that consists of two main types of creatures – Predators or Prey. It is an anxious survival mode of being. It became somehow amusing to me to witness how low people can dive. Later, I started to go deliberately for scout journeys to the old market to observe and absorb people and un-naive myself as I came to discover how immense energies are found in dark places and sides. The baser and wickeder, the more real and actual. I think it’s actually very tough for a human there to be moral and stand for something he sees as right – and in most cases, “What is right?” isn’t a rocket science question that needs Socrates’ dialogues – for he will open pandora’s box upon himself and endure “unnecessary” troubles with his neighbors. Nazareth is simply a sucking shit hole – full of vomit.

I like to solve things and usually look for solutions, but it’s complex to solve hells – You and no one wants you to touch it. Maybe it’s best to be burned and rebuilt from scratch or just to annihilate it from existence.

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