Algorithmic Philosophy

What is “Algorithmic Philosophy”|?


You may have heard this for the first time because it is actually my own thinking and creation. I think you should follow yourself and create your own philosophy in life. I am still developing this stream of thought, and it has shown some fruit for me so far. I think the idea started to develop for me years ago slowly until I started to actually implement some of it.

When I was younger in life, I asked myself a famous question: ” How should one live his life?”. I accepted back then, that I really do not know, and I lack the sufficient experience, knowledge, and wisdom to do that as “best”. What is “best”? I thought the most life-enforcing and generating,
I thought to myself, well I guess it’s better to start with gaining wisdom and you will do that firstly by studying philosophy because then you will experience “better/wiser” experiences and know “better” knowledge. It will be more effective.  It was somehow clear to me, that everyone should start learning Philosophy, as that is the knowledge that specifically targets “Big Life Questions” and wisdom, Or perhaps Metacognition, which is the science of learning since it would be much faster and more effective to use it to learn philosophy. At least to iterate between the two subjects. But, How can one even go “faster”, with less effort? Not just that, the main problem I thought about, is how to go fast on the “right” path. Following the conventional and conformist path of society seemed flawed. Through Philosophy perhaps we can find and ask about the “right” path. 

As long as you live, keep learning how to live. – Seneca

While reading Socrates, he spoke for example about the “Higher world/ Good” or the world of Ideas, the abstract, the templates, and meta.  Socrates gave an example about horses when you see for example a herd of horses, one black, one brown, one white, and so on. All of them share something together called “Horse”. Actually, in Plato’s book, The Republic, Socrates describes some kind of “way” for whoever wishes to become a philosopher and wise. As a computer science enthusiast and graduate who read that, I automatically started to link what Socrates said to algorithms and classes. I asked myself, what if I can make the way that Socrates described “Faster” since Socrates measured his “way” over a lot of years?

So regarding the horse example of Socrates, I coded the following:

Class Horse {
       Color mColor;

As you can see, I defined a shared field for all the horses in the world “Color”, but of course, you can add as much as you want. In this way, building and designing the templates in your world, you can see “hidden” fields and powerful connections that previously were out of your consciousness.

And later you can forge connections between the templates and even rise to higher abstract dimensions. I thought I would give it a try, since Socrates seems to know something, although I don’t like everything about him, especially how he acts, in contrast to Existanlist philosophers such as Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, who gave much more importance to how one Acts, rather than think or say.

So the main idea I am proposing is applying Computer-Science and algorithms to Philosophy. 

Would you at last dare, to ask yourself what would you discover if you tried to think about:


class Human
         string name;  // Assumption: everyone has one name
         Body m_body;

class Body {
            Head h;
            Torso m_torso;


class Head {


            Face m_face;
class Face {
              std::pair<Eye,Eye> m_eyes; 


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