Guard Strategy

How to launch a campaign?


The perfect economy isn’t cheapness. Too many armies have failed by spending too little as too much. However, maybe fate has made us poor, How to overcome poverty? Is there perhaps some wisdom in poverty before we leave it?

Let us become intimate with poverty, so that Fortune may not catch us off our guard. We shall be rich with all the more comfort if we once learn how far poverty is from being a burden. – Seneca

Poor people are acutely aware of limits. Necessity has a powerful effect on their creativity. – endlessly inventive 


  • Learn moves 
  • Give an edge over technology 
  • More adaptable 
  • Time will be our ally 
  • Outsmart enemies 

War is a balance between ends and means 

War wisdom – adjust ends to your means 

  1. Begin by examining what we have
  2. Develop a strategy out of these tools 


Tools and materials 

  • Own skills 
  • Creativity – Algorithmic Philosophy 
    • class Employee: public Human {};
    • class Item {};
    • class Clothing: public Item {};
    • class Guard: public Employee {
                 vector<Clothing> clothings;


  • Morale of troops 
  • Political advantages 

Seek to find a golden means. 

The wisdom is to lure the enemy into thinking that a big offensive will ruin us. Open the enemy for a counterattack. Always make our opponent waste as many resources as possible. 

Let them spend energy chasing us by using hit-and-run tactics. 

I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage. Nietzsche


Inspired by The 33 Strategies of War –  Greene

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