Intro To Seduction

What is seduction?


 Thousands of years ago, power and control were usually gained through brute violence – which left women suffering and helpless, without any weapons at their disposal to compete with men. However, men had a prime weakness – their insatiable desire for sex. Great seductresses of the past (Cleopatra, Bathsheba, Helen of Troy…), used this element to gain some control and improve their condition- through cleverness and creativity – turning the dynamic upside down, creating a more lasting and effective form of power. 


Menelaus, If you want to kill her, you must do it now – before her eyes twist the strings of your heart \ That they turn your mind \ For her eyes are like armies \ and where her glances fall, their cities burn\ By her sighs I know her and all those who know her suffer – Hecuba About Helen of Troy in Euripides, The Trojan women


  • Latin word meaning “To Lead Astray”
    • Social, political, and sexual  
  • Game of psychology, not beauty 
  • Art that requires patience, focus, and strategic thinking 
  • Indirect, subtle, subliminal, and not forceful  
  • A process that occurs over time – the longer and slower you take the deeper you will penetrate into the mind
  • The lifeblood is Mystery. Continually surprise, shock, and stir 
  • Power and persuasion – All areas of life require the ability to persuade people without offense or imposition.
  • Forms
    • Feminine use of appearances 
    • Masculine use of language 
    • Deception
  • Essence 
    • Using pleasure as bait
    • Playing on others’ emotions 
    • Stirring desire and confusion 
    • Inducing psychological surrender 
  • Creating patterns of hope and despair
  • Playful philosophy – there is no dealing with moral judgments. It’s all a game
  • Everything is pliant and fluid 
  • Elements
    1. Your character – what is seductive about you?
      1. The ability to radiate a quality that attracts – stirring emotions beyond their control
    2. Other’s mind – What actions will penetrate their defenses and create surrender?  


Erotic Desire and love lurk beneath every human encounter, but you should tone down the sexual element without removing it – You should give free rein to your skills, as you gain momentum with experience and practice, creating an alluring aura that draws people. 


What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself.
What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness.
What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that resistance is overcome – Nietzche 

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