Mental Money

How does money work?

Money is an illusion, a collective imagination, one form of power. To master the subject of money, you should first master your own mind – Starting with educating yourself financially.

Financial Education stimulates and strengthens the mind, It is more powerful than money. The real problem is not more Money, It is the lack of financial education. With proper education, you start gaining power over money and begin building wealth. 

The subject of money is not taught in school. The reason for this is historical, as with the rise of the industrial age, the capitalists and the wealthy wanted to build a school system that produces obedient workers, smart just enough to work the machines – nothing more or less.


Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. – Epictetus

You should constantly exercise your mind, such as asking yourself “How can I afford it?” not, “I can’t afford it” – proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth. How to manage risk, How to write financial plans, and how to make money work for you.
Being able to know when to make quick decisions is an important skill, to make up your mind decisively.


Money is also an emotional subject:

  • Emotion is an energy in motion 
  • It takes energy, passion(A combination of anger and love), and a burning desire to build wealth
  • Fears
    • Of being fired – Job Security is an illusion
    • Not paying bills – not having enough money 
    • Starting over 
    • Keeps most people working at a job 
  • People’s Lives are forever controlled by Fear and Greed 
  • Be Truthful about your emotions – use your mind and emotions in your favor 

The rich do not work for money, The rich have money to work for them – Robert Kiyosaki

  • Bad patterns:
    • 1. Fear of being without money 
    • 2. Work hard 
    • 3. Greed and desire – Increase spending 
    • 4. Back to (1) 
  • By not giving in to your emotion, you can delay reactions and think – You have to do your own thinking 
  • Be an observer, not a reactor – Confront fear, weakness, and neediness by choosing our own thoughts
  • Learn to use your emotions to think – Don’t let your emotions think for you


For the wise man regards wealth as a slave, the fool as a master. – Seneca

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